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Our Approach

In AfriGens @Work we introduce you to first- and second-generation Africans from all over the country who are thriving in their chosen careers to show how we’re defining success and living our own interpretations of our parents’ dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to catalog and share career paths of AfriGens--their challenges, successes, observations--with hopes to understand how this generation differs from the one before and inspires the next. We glean insight about our collective experiences through the personal stories of AfriGens from various countries and career fields.

Meet the Team

Janet Heaadshot

Janet Asante


Janet Asante is passionate about helping people bring their best selves to work. She has spent almost two decades as an HR professional in corporate America (Janet shares career tips and insights at her blog www.notesfromhr.com).  AfriGens @ Work is a passion project for Janet. She is fascinated by careers of Africans living in the West and on the continent.


Clarissa Bannor


Clarissa Bannor is the owner of AfriGen Media & Communications. She's also the chronically curious voice behind This Afropolitan Life Blog & Podcast where she engages with AfriGen audiences worldwide on cultural heritage, social commentary, AfriGen pop culture, and the everyday observations of living a Western life, with African roots.

Bessie Akuba - Creator Director

Bessie Akuba

Creative Director

Bessie Akuba is an award winning photographer and Creative Director born in Axim, Ghana and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Bessie's passion is helping creatives and artist tell their stories through imagery, words, and experiences. She is also the founder of The She is Me Program, Inc., which is now Create Louder, and organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation of creative geniuses. As a multidisciplinary creative who is inspired by culture, travel, beauty, and the arts, she thrives in helping creative entrepreneurs organizations, and brands connect with what moves them and turn what moves them into opportunities.


Amma Appiah

Marketing Director 

Amma Appiah is an avid blogger and social media maven. You can catch her at her lifestyle blog AllThingsAmmaMama.com where she provides useful information on topics such as natural hair, style, beauty, travel, entertainment and Ghanaian culture.

What's your story...

We welcome the personal stories of AfriGens from various countries and career fields as we seek to expand our insight about our collective experiences.