Why AfriGens

AfriGens @Work

AfriGens@Work is a series that documents the lives and work of the adult children of African immigrants who were born or raised in the West.

Our mission is to catalogue and share career paths of AfriGens–their challenges, successes, observations–with hopes to understand how this generation differs from the one before and inspires the next. We glean insight about our collective experiences through the personal stories of AfriGens from various countries and career fields.

The Next Generation of Africans in America

For decades the mindset of African immigrants in the West has been generally linear: work hard, save up, send remittances, make sure the kids obtain a good education and are set on a successful path.

AfriGens have heard their parents stress, “study hard” “go to college” “become a doctor” “don’t forget where you came from,” for decades. These four mantras have been drilled into the hearts and minds of first- and second-generation Africans since childhood.

But how did the next generation of Africans in America turn out?

Did we heed our parents advice or did our generation evolve into something entirely different? How are we remixing our upbringing, pushing the envelope, and bringing our authentic, bi-cultural selves, to our parenting, our homes, our lifestyles and our careers?

Did we all grow up to become the doctors our parents dreamed we would become?

In AfriGens @Work we introduce you to first- and second-generation Africans from all over the country who are thriving in their chosen careers to show how we’re defining success and living our own interpretations of our parents’ dreams.

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